Fall 2018 Parenting Series

Join us for a series of 3 coordinated presentations offering insight and strategies for thoughtfully navigating your child’s experience during ages 5-12.  Presentations in this series will be hosted by St. Monica School in Dallas, TX, and given by Kristen M. Ohlenforst, PhD.  Registration is per individual; seating is limited.  See below for details and registration options…

Registration Options (per individual)

Fall 2018ParentingSeries

Note: In the event you cannot attend a presentation for which you’ve registered, you may transfer your seat to a friend or colleague; we ask that you kindly notify our office of the individual who will be attending in your place. 

TUES OCT 16, 7:00-8:00pm 
The Power of Positive Reinforcement:
Strategies for increasing motivation, independence, and self-esteem

Research has long shown that positive reinforcement generates more efficient and enduring behavioral change than does punishment.  Join Dr. Ohlenforst to learn helpful and implementable strategies that can help set your child up for success.

TUES OCT 30, 7:00-8:00pm 
Skills for Setting Limits: 
Tools for fostering healthy growth while reducing power struggles

A parent’s ability to set thoughtful and developmentally appropriate limits with his/her child is critical to building self-esteem, reducing power struggles, and fostering a healthy parent-child relationship. In this presentation, Dr. Ohlenforst will share therapeutic strategies for providing developmentally appropriate choices and setting healthy limits.  Prerequisite (yes, really!): The Power of Positive Reinforcement

TUES NOV 13, 7:00-8:00pm Open For Registration!
Parenting: The Ultimate Team Sport 

Whether you’re parenting within the context of coupledom, single parenthood, or a large (and perhaps opinionated?) extended family, healthy parenting requires collaboration!  Join Dr. Ohlenforst to learn more about the influence of one’s Family of Origin, as well as key strategies for developing a consistent parenting language and staying connected with your parenting partner.

Registration Options (per individual)

Book Recommendation:

Moose the Worry Mutt Goes to Doggie Daycare
A therapeutic children’s picture book teaching children how to grow from WORRIERS to WARRIORS by learning to “bark back” at their worries.  Co-authored by Dr. Jaime Crowley and Dr. Kristen Ohlenforst.  Intended for children ages 5-12, though suitable for all ages!