Our practice is pleased to offer both time-limited and ongoing therapy groups.  

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Quaranteen Group

Begins April 16, 2019

To inquire/register, click above button or e-mail Holly K. Lynch, MA, LPC-Intern, NCC, RYT at hlynch@therapydallas.com

This ongoing weekly group is designed designed for girls ages 12-15 who may benefit from group/social support during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This group aims to:

  1. Foster distant socializing in a healthy way (thereby reducing isolation and preserving intact, pre-pandemic relationships), and
  2. Help teens prepare for and navigate a healthy return to pre-COVID-19 life.  Space is limited, and participants are thoughtfully screened to reduce overlap of schools and social circles.
Weekly sessions begin Thursday, April 16
Thursdays from 5:30-6:20pm
Monthly fee: $160 (monthly commitment supports group cohesion)
Confidential setting: Participants are thoughtfully screened to reduce overlap of schools and social circles. 
Space is limited.
Facilitated by Holly K. Lynch, MA, LPC-Intern, NCC, RYT
Supervised by Victoria Coburn

ADHD Parent Group

Next offered group: Fall 2020

Interested in this group?  Click above button or e-mail info@therapydallas.com

This 8-week didactic group is designed specifically for parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Over the course of 8 once-weekly sessions, parents will collectively learn evidence-based behavioral management strategies aimed at reducing the problematic behaviors often seen among children diagnosed with ADHD. We will also pay close attention to discerning and consistently rewarding your child’s healthy and adaptive behaviors! By the end of this group, many parents report an increased understanding of their child’s needs, an increased confidence in their ability to respond to their child’s needs, and an overall improvement in the parent-child relationship.