Our practice offers both time-limited and ongoing parenting groups.  For more information related to these groups (e.g., fees, scheduling, reserving space, etc.), please contact our office.


ADHD Parent Group (Fall, Spring)

This 8-week didactic group is designed specifically for parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Over the course of 8 once-weekly sessions, parents will collectively learn evidence-based behavioral management strategies aimed at reducing the problematic behaviors often seen among children diagnosed with ADHD. We will also pay close attention to discerning and consistently rewarding your child’s healthy and adaptive behaviors! By the end of this group, many parents report an increased understanding of their child’s needs, an increased confidence in their ability to respond to their child’s needs, and an overall improvement in the parent-child relationship.
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Next offered group: February 2020; click here to learn more.


Parenting Strategies Group (ongoing)

This ongoing group is designed specifically for parents of children struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Group members’ current interests and concerns guide the group’s ongoing selection and discussion of various evidence-based parenting strategies.


Child-Parent Relationship (CPR) Training (periodically)

This 8-week didactic group is designed specifically for parents who wish to improve their relationship with their child (for parents of children ages 10 and under). Research has shown that motivated parents who learn and apply play therapy skills at home can reduce behavior problems, enhance self-esteem, and improve the overall parent-child relationship.