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  • Facilitator: Kristen M. Ohlenforst, PhD
  • Next Start Date: Fall 2021 (exact date TBD)
  • Meets for 8 consecutive Wednesdays from noon-1:15pm
  • Format: Virtual (small group)
  • Cost: $120 per family for each 75-min session; various payment options/schedules available

This 8-week didactic group is designed specifically for parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Over the course of 8 once-weekly sessions, parents will collectively learn evidence-based behavioral management strategies aimed at reducing the problematic behaviors often seen among children diagnosed with ADHD. We will also pay close attention to discerning and consistently rewarding your child’s healthy and adaptive behaviors! By the end of this group, many parents report an increased understanding of their child’s needs, an increased confidence in their ability to respond to their child’s needs, and an overall improvement in the parent-child relationship.

Session Content/Overview:

  • Session 1:  Pay Attention to Me!
    Attending to and reinforcing your child’s adaptive behavior
  • Session 2:  Why Does He/She Do That??
    Using Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) to analyze and modify your child’s behavior; Responding with choice-giving and limit-setting
  • Session 3:  Token Economies and Star Charts
    Using positive reinforcement strategies to enhance behavior
  • Session 4:  More Tokens, More Stars
    Refining reinforcement strategies to optimize efficacy
  • Session 5:  Homework Solutions
    Strategies for addressing homework struggles and avoidance
  • Session 6:  House Rules & Time Out
    The importance of established expectations and consistent consequences
  • Session 7:  Consequences, Continued
    What to do when Time Out isn’t right (or doesn’t work!)
  • Session 8:  The “Parenting Playbook”
    Developing and refining your consistent “playbook” of parenting strategies

This group is for parents only (children may not attend) and will meet once-weekly.  During COVID-19, this group meets virtually.  Space is limited, so call now for availability and pricing information.

Dr. Ohlenforst has worked with children, adolescents, and adults throughout her training at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Stanford School of Medicine. As founder and Clinical Director of Therapy Dallas, she specializes in individual and family-based interventions for children and adolescents with anxiety, ADHD, and behavioral difficulties.