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  • Starts June 7th
  • Mondays (4 consecutive) from noon-1pm 
  • For girls ages 8-11
  • Format: Virtual
  • Fee: $60/week
  • Facilitator: Dr. Jen Edgemon
This 4-week group offers a confidential and creative space for girls to practice evidence-based strategies for managing and expressing emotions in healthy ways. 
  • Week 1:  Drawing Ourselves Out – communicating thoughts and feelings via drawing and illustration
  • Week 2: [Not] Balling Up Stress – stress balls and other strategies to keep from balling stress up inside!
  • Week 3: Fortune Teller Coping Skills – identifying assumptions and expectations; managing feelings by reframing thoughts
  • Week 4: Getting In Touch With Emotions – using our senses (modeling clay; finger paints; etc.) to process and relay feelings

Participants are thoughtfully screened to avoid overlap across schools.  Group fee includes box of curated art supplies shipped to your home prior to the start of group.