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  • Next start date: TBD
  • Meets for 8 consecutive weeks, for 75 min sessions; schedule TBD 
  • Facilitated by Amber Lubinsky, MS, LPC
  • Format: TBD (virtual vs. in-person, to be guided by interest
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This 8-week group is designed specifically for parents of young children (ages 3-6) who wish to simultaneously reduce behavioral difficulties while strengthening their parent-child relationship.  Parents will learn evidence-based strategies for:

  • Reflecting and managing big feelings
  • Increasing autonomy, independence, and responsibility via offering developmentally appropriate choices
  • Setting therapeutic limits
  • Providing consistent consequences
  • Paying attention to your child in a truly “bucket-filling” manner (analogous to working smarter, not harder)

By the end of this group, many parents report an increased understanding of their child’s needs, an increased confidence in their ability to respond to their child’s needs, and an overall improvement in the parent-child relationship.

This group is for parents only (children may not attend) and will meet once-weekly.  As per usual, we limit the size of this group to allow adequate time/attention for each family’s specific needs and concerns.  

Session Dates:
Start date TBD. 


Amber Lubinsky, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Play Therapy, Activity therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Parent Consultation.  Skillfully integrating CBT into her play- and activity-based work, Amber specializes in providing evidence-based interventions for a variety of childhood concerns.